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Cold Life™ Cleaning Kit
The Cold Life™ 10 Piece Reptile Tank & Terrarium Cleaning Kit includes everything you need to ke..
Cold Life™ 12 oz. Hand Sanitizer
Keep your hands germ-free after cleaning your pet’s cage or handling your reptile. Note that this pr..
Cold Life™ 16oz. Stain & Odor Eliminator
The Cold Life™ enzyme-based stain & odor eliminator is second-to-none when it comes to destroyin..
Cold Life™ 2ct Tank Scraper
The Cold Life™ 2ct Tank Scrapers are conveniently sized to remove unwanted build-up and grime! The&..
Cold Life™ 3ct Sponges
Designed to be strong, yet gentle and non-abrasive to tank and terrarium surfaces, Cold Life™ sponge..
Cold Life™ 60ct Waste Clean Up Bags
Quickly dispose of waste or soiled substrate with rolled bags from Cold Life™. Rolled bags are great..
Cold Life™ 75ct Cleansing Wipes
Keep the area surrounding your tank or terrarium clean with pre-moistened anti-bacterial cleansing w..
Cold Life™ 8oz Room Odor Eliminator
This environmentally friendly odor-eliminating canister neutralizes tank odor and helps keep rooms s..
Cold Life™ Scrub Brush
Scrub debris, waste, and substrate away. Features a built-in mini scraper for removing tough build-u..
Cold Life™ Sifting Scooper
The Cold Life™ Sifting Scooper is conviently sized to clean up any mess! The Cold Life™ Sifting Sco..
Cold Life™ Super Scoop & 10ct Waste Bags
The Cold Life™ Super Scooper is conveniently sized to clean up any mess! This convenient terrarium ..
Cold Life™ 3ct Microfiber Towels
Machine washable and reusable, Cold Life™ microfiber towels will help keep your tank’s glass surface..
Cold Life™ Dustpan & Sweeper
The Cold Life™ Dustpan & Sweeper is conveniently sized to clean up any mess! The Cold Life..
Cold Life™ Cleaning Pail
Featuring a durable handle, 3-gallon capacity, and an easy-pour spout, the Cold Life™ cleaning pail ..

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