Companion Gear™ Arctic Friends Tennis Ball Stuffer

Companion Gear™ Arctic Friends Tennis Ball Stuffer
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Your pet is going to have a ball playing with the Companion Gear™ Artic Friend Snowman Tennis Ball Stuffer!

Crafted with hand-embroidered stitching and reinforced rope arms for tugging, this snowman is designed to stand up to long-lasting, play sessions. The snowman buddy holds the three included tennis balls, allowing your pup to play an exciting game of hide and seek. Once your furry friend locates the balls, he’ll work hard to get them out, so he can play a festive game of fetch with you! Best for medium to large sized dogs.




Key Benefits:

  • Comes with three tennis balls that hide inside the snowman
  • Crafted with reinforced rope arms for tugging fun
  • Can stand up to tough play and rambunctious rounds of fetch
  • Made with hand embroidered stitching
  • Promotes plenty of mental stimulation
  • Hide treats and other toys inside for different types of interactive fun!
  • Best for medium to large sized dogs

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