Fresh Kitty™ Litter Organizer Kit

Fresh Kitty™ Litter Organizer Kit
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Fresh Kitty™ Litter Box Organizer is the perfect starter kit for you and your pet.

This 4 in 1 Deluxe Clean-up Kit includes a sifting scooper, dustpan & sweeper, and a storage caddy. Everything in this bundle is all the cat supplies you need to keep your litter box smelling fresh and clean! Use the litter scoop to collect waste from your litter box. When things get too messy and unwanted messes get outside of the box, simply sweep it up in one stroke with the dustpan & sweeper. When everything is all cleaned up, the caddy conviently hangs on the side of the litter pan so all your needs are within reach. This kit works well with disposable litter boxes, plastic litter pans, and litter box liners. Make cleaning up the litter box hassle free with this deluxe starter kit.






Key Benefits:

  • Includes sifting litter scoop, dustpan & sweeper, and a storage caddy
  • Scooper and Dustpan & Sweeper fit perfectly in the caddy for convienent storage
  • Caddy hangs from the side of the litter box to keep everything in reach when accidents happen
  • Convient and makes cleaning up easier with everything in one place

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